Meet The Team

At Eskdaill Marketing, we take our business extremely seriously although that’s not to say that we can’t let off a bit of steam from time to time. Team-work is the key to getting things done and we are fortunate in that we have a dedicated group of individuals working together to make Eskdaill Marketing a success.


Glen Laidlaw, Managing Director & Owner

Glen has worked in the sports betting industry for many years and has developed partnerships with many leading bookmakers over the years. Originally from Carlisle, Glen has moved around the country, thus making many contacts within the industry and this has assisted him in developing his brands. Glen is also a keen supporter of Carlisle United and has been heavily involved with the football club in the past.

As well as developing his own businesses, Glen continues to assist other companies with content marketing, SEO and website development.


Deborah Maxwell, Marketing Director

Deborah brings plenty of her own industry experience to the table as well as a touch of glamour. Deb has worked in the betting industry for over ten years and is a font of knowledge when it comes to almost any sport you care to name, indeed one of our daily tasks at Eskdaill HQ is to find a sports question to which she doesn’t actually know the answer! She also makes a mean cup of coffee!!!


Sam Cook, Social Media Manager

He may be the new boy in the office but what he lacks in experience he certainly makes up for in enthusiasm. Sam is a keen footballer and can often be seen keeping things secure between the sticks at his local amateur football club. There isn’t much that Sam doesn’t know about the ‘beautiful game’ and he is also very clued-up when it comes to social media. As such, Sam is a very useful addition to the team and he is also a ‘dab hand’ when it comes to organising a good night out!


DJ James, Technical Manager

At weekends, James can usually be found DJ-ing to appreciative audiences at local clubs and while his musical talents are wasted on the rest of the Eskdaill Marketing team, his technical knowledge is very much valued. James always comes to the rescue when a member of our team needs some assistance of a technical nature and he can be relied upon to ‘pump up the volume’ when it comes to the office parties.